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MFT Analytics

Digital MFT Analytics: a step beyond visibility

Correlating internal and external event data from other business processes is one of the most challenging parts of solution visibility.

Banks and MFT – a perfect complement

Why do banks and MFT (Managed File Transfer) complement each other so well? For starters, having top-notch security protection in place is...
MFT maturity

Move up to the highest MFT maturity level by enabling self-service

Mainstream adoption of Managed File Transfer (MFT) started years or even decades ago. Most of the companies are very mature in the...

Why you should start looking into a hybrid integration platform

The spaghetti issue coming from integration needs It’s happening again! One of your application team members is listing a high...

How to support a modern Managed File Transfer ecosystem

In the modern world, if you don’t have Managed File Transfer (MFT) in place, money transfers simply stop. Bills won’t get paid...
MFT advantages

Managed File Transfer advantages

AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer (MFT) offers many benefits. For any company that needs to transfer files securely, MFT is your go-to service....
data exchanges with AMPLIFY MFT

Modernize your data exchange with AMPLIFY MFT (version française fournie)

Axway is pleased to join our partner Adelius on February 21st for an informative Webinar that will take place at 11 am. You...

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