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AWS File Transfer

Axway’s value proposition for Managed File Transfer in AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) entered the integration space by providing File Transfer and API Gateway capabilities into their platform offerings. AWS continues...
modern MFT solution

The value of a modern MFT solution

Many organizations today have embarked on a journey to transform and modernize their file transfer infrastructure. A key driver is to ensure...
Standard cluster models

SecureTransport Cluster Models Part 2: Standard Cluster model

In Part 1 of this blog series, SecureTransport Cluster Models Overview, I introduced the reasons to consider clustering a SecureTransport Managed File Transfer...
SecureTransport Cluster models

MFT SecureTransport Cluster Models Part 1

As a Presales Architect, I am often making recommendations to prospective and current Managed File Transfer customers regarding the SecureTransport architecture that...
needs in Managed File Transfer

Bridging the Human and System needs in Managed File Transfer

In a traditional Managed File Transfer (MFT) opportunity, a question or use case will come up that requires a strong human element...
MFT Analytics

Digital MFT Analytics: a step beyond visibility

Correlating internal and external event data from other business processes is one of the most challenging parts of solution visibility.

Banks and MFT – a perfect complement

Why do banks and MFT (Managed File Transfer) complement each other so well? For starters, having top-notch security protection in place is...

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