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MFT Analytics

Digital MFT Analytics: a step beyond visibility

Correlating internal and external event data from other business processes is one of the most challenging parts of solution visibility.
MFT maturity

Move up to the highest MFT maturity level by enabling self-service

Mainstream adoption of Managed File Transfer (MFT) started years or even decades ago. Most of the companies are very mature in the...
MFT advantages

Managed File Transfer advantages

AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer (MFT) offers many benefits. For any company that needs to transfer files securely, MFT is your go-to service....

Hybrid Integration and MFT innovation: How they work together

Hybrid Integration Platforms (HIP) and MFT work well together. In order to understand this concept, you must know the basics of how...
Everything is data and feeds analytics, MFT is no exception!

Everything is data and feeds analytics, MFT is no exception!

There is a considerable up-front investment in building an enterprise-class managed file transfer solution. However, like most systems in IT, the long-term operational costs...
File Transfer Analytics: Addressing 5 Key B2B Visibility Challenges

File Transfer Analytics: Addressing 5 key B2B visibility challenges

Every day, organizations around the world rely on a complex network of partners, banks, vendors and customers to conduct business. To keep up with...

How a digitalized Managed File Transfer solution supports infrastructure automation [VIDEO]

Most social media applications are releasing updates in production hundreds of times a day, whether we realize it or not. This new development-to-operation standard...
How Digitalized File Transfer technology supports the retail industry

How Digitalized File Transfer technology supports the retail industry

To most of us (perhaps all), we don’t really care or are interested in how supermarkets ensure that our favorite brand of chocolate or...

Building Data Exchange Self-Service Model with Axway

Axway has been working for many years with large organizations from all industries to create enterprise-wide shared service centers of excellence for data exchange....

Now files are Stored as objects. Really? Extend your MFT

Since the inception of the ftp server, files have lived on filesystems that the file transfer server could directly mount. Somewhere along the line...